QtCreator on Rebecca

Rebecca is the code name for the Linux Mint 17.1 distribution. I just upgraded my linux box and decided to try the Mint Mate edition. I chose the Mate edition mainly because the Mate desktop seems to be less demanding for CPU (I’m only running a modest Intel Atom CPU 330 @ 1.60GHz).

I have to admit that I was positively surprised with the user experience. In the past I have used several different Linux distributions and it seemed that they always had some issues that made the usage less than optimal. I think this is the first distribution at least for me which just works exactly as expected. Seems the Mint team has done an excellent job here.

So far I have been running QtCreator on my windows PC only. Maybe I could  try to install QtCreator on my Mint box too and see how it works there.

The offline installation package can be downloaded from


The installation should be done as an ordinary user. I created an installation folder under /opt and changed the owner:

$ sudo mkdir /opt/QtSDK
$ sudo chown n9dyfi:n9dyfi /opt/QtSDK

And then just launched the installation setup.

$ ./QtSdk-offline-linux-x86_64-v1.2.1.run


Ok, let’s proceed and specify the installation folder. I will select the Custom installation so that I can match the installation with the windows QtCreator.


I will select the Harmattan support (and drop Symbian).


Accept the license agreement and proceed.


And install.


Time to grab a cup of coffee…


After the installation has finished the installation folder can be made read-only. Let’s change the folder owner to root.

$ sudo chown -R root:root /opt/QtSDK


Let’s launch QtCreator and let’s open TestApp10 from GitHub. Will it run out of the box on linux?


Looks like the project opens just fine. And even the simulator seems to work just like on windows. I really like this “it just works” experience. 🙂

As shown below I also managed to install Gimp with the additional theme package from rgb4u (Gimp can be downloaded with the Linux Mint Software Manager tool).

11-Qt SDK Setup

The Mint application menu was also updated during the installation and all the QtCreator tools are available there:


My conclusion for QtCreator/Rebecca: highly recommended!

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