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QML ButtonRow Element

A container for row of buttons. More...

Inherits Row

This element was introduced in qt-components 4.7.


Detailed Description

A ButtonRow allows you to group Buttons in a row. It provides a selection-behavior as well.

Usage of more than the recommended 6 Buttons inside ButtonRow can produce rendering issues.

Note: This component do not support the enabled property. If you need to disable it you must disable all the buttons inside it.

 ButtonRow {
     Button { text: "Left" }
     Button { text: "Right" }

See also ButtonColumn.

Property Documentation

checkedButton : Item

Contains the last checked Button.

exclusive : bool

Property default is true

Specifies the grouping behavior. If exclusive is true, only one button can be checked at a time.

platformStyle : Style

Platform specific style property. Default style is null. ButtonStyle is used to define custom button styles in ButtonRow.

See also ButtonStyle.