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What's new in Qt Quick

Qt 4.7.4 includes QtQuick 1.1

QtQuick 1.1 is a minor feature update. import QtQuick 1.1 to use the new features.


PinchArea provides support for the common two finger pinch gesture.

LayoutMirroring attached property

Layout mirroring is useful when you need to support both left-to-right and right-to-left layout versions of your application that target different language areas.


Added the following properties:

horizontalAlignment now accepts Text.AlignJustify alignment mode.


Added the following properties, methods and signal handlers:


Added the following properties and methods:

Image, BorderImage and AnimatedImage

Added the following properties:


Added the following properties:


Added the following methods:


Added the following property:

ListView and GridView

Added the following properties and methods:

Flow, Grid and Row

Added the following property:


Added the following methods and signal handlers:


  • The createObject() method now accepts a map of initial property values for the created object.


  • Added the Qt.application object to hold generic global application properties.

Other changes

  • Functions can be assigned to properties from JavaScript to create property bindings.
  • QtQuick now supports Right to Left layout in positioners, views, anchors and text elements.

Qt 4.7.1

QtQuick namespace

In prior Qt releases, all the Qt Quick elements were available in the Qt namespace. Starting with Qt 4.7.1, the elements are also available in the QtQuick namespace, which improves naming consistency, and allows the development of Qt Quick to occur at a faster rate than Qt's usual minor release schedule.

The change for developers is very simple - where you previously wrote import Qt 4.7, just replace it with import QtQuick 1.0, like this:

 import QtQuick 1.0

 Text {
     text: "Welcome to QtQuick 1.0!"

import Qt 4.7 continues to work so existing applications wont break even if they aren't updated, but it is recommended that all import statements be modified to the new form.