Installing Git for version control

So now that we have verified that we have a working QtCreator installation and can build applications (at least for running in the simulator) we could take a look at the version control tools.  It looks like the QtCreator will support quite a many different tools (Bazaar, Git, Mercurial, Subversion, Perforce, CVS). However, the tool must be installed separately, it does not come bundled with the QtCreator.

I’m most familiar with subversion, but why not try something else for a change. E.g. git seems to be quite popular nowadays, especially in the open source software world. I’m going to install the windows version 1.8.3, it is available in

I know this is not the most recent version, but it should work well with the QtCreator (newer versions seem to have some compatibility issues).


When download is ready just run the installer and click Next to proceed.


Specify the installation folder.


From the components I will just add the tool icon to desktop,


Just accept the default shortcut folder.


Let’s select the Git Bash only option (I don’t use cygwin and I don’t want to override any windows commands).


And let’s commit with Unix-style line endings so that all our text files will be linux/unix compatible (good for cross-platform development).


After clicking Next the files will be copied to the destination folder. And that’s it basically. We should now have a working Git tool.


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