N9 UiConstants

In my previous post I briefly mentioned the UiConstants parameters available in the com.nokia.meego library. I guess using these constants for element placement in the QML front-end will ensure some visual coherency between the application and the Meego Harmattan platform.

For a future reference here are the constant names and values.

Constant Value
DefaultMargin 16
ButtonSpacing 6
HeaderDefaultHeightPortrait 72
HeaderDefaultHeightLandscape 46
ListItemHeightSmall 64
ListItemHeightDefault 80
IndentDefault 16
GroupHeaderHeight 40
BodyTextFont Nokia Pure Text Light
GroupHeaderFont Nokia Pure Text
SmallTitleFont Nokia Pure Text
 FieldLabelFont  Nokia Pure Text Light
 FieldLabelColor  #505050
 SubtitleFont  Nokia Pure Text Light
 InfoFont  Nokia Pure Text Light
 HeaderDefaultTopSpacingPortrait  20
 HeaderDefaultBottomSpacingPortrait  20
 HeaderDefaultTopSpacingLandscape  16
 HeaderDefaultBottomSpacingLandscape  14

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